Kremlin: President Trump and Putin Talk Syria Coordination, ‘Economic Connections’ In Phone Call.


President Donald Trump spent his Saturday holding a series of phone calls with world leaders, including a much-anticipated phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The president’s call with Putin on Saturday afternoon came a day after Trump said in a press conference that it was too “early” to decide whether to remove U.S. sanctions against Russia, though he also said, as he has previously, that it would be beneficial for the U.S. and Russia to have a friendlier relationship. Trump faces pressure from within his own party against lifting the sanctions.
According to a readout from the Kremlin after Saturday’s call, Trump and Putin’s conversation “underlined the importance of restoring mutually profitable trade and economic connections between the business circles of the two countries.”
The Kremlin also said Trump and Putin discussed many international issues, including the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nuclear non-proliferation, the Iran nuclear program and North Korea. It says they also discussed the Ukraine crisis.

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