Donald Trump’s tweets aren’t the ramblings of a narcissist, they are pure politics


We all know the rules. Political leaders cannot be allowed unsupervised access to social media. David Cameron knew those rules. He refused to use Twitter and made fun of lesser politicians who did, and who often made fools of themselves doing so. 

John McTernan, who used to be political secretary to Tony Blair, knows those rules. Indeed, he codified them for political staffers to senior politicians in a recent article: “Rule 1: don’t let them tweet. Rule 2: change their passwords – and don’t let them know it. Rule 3: if in doubt, refer to Rule 1.” Daniel Hodges, another seasoned political operative, thinks he knows the rules. “We have to stop pretending Trump’s tweets are part of a grand political strategy,” he wrote – on Twitter – this morning. “The man really is a crazed narcissist.”

Well, the President-elect may be a narcissist – most politicians are – but I am not so sure about the crazed bit. It is possible that Donald Trump’s tweets are, in fact, part of a grand, and successful, political strategy.

After all, whatever happened to David Cameron? Not only did he start using Twitter (or his media people did for him in a controlled and very official way), but he lost the EU referendum to a Leave campaign that used social media more effectively than he did. ​

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